You will not find this actual booth offered elsewhere. We have built this booth we call Cliff from the ground up with master craftsmen. It uses Canon DSLR, Elinchrom flash, made from gorgeous black walnut, camera cables hidden throughout and an architectural steel base. An attendant will be with you whether you have full service or digital only.
Our Glam booth honestly produces the best quality output that we have seen. All images in b/w with pre set filters, on a white backdrop, and printed on metallic paper. This option is our “Hollywood Glam”
You could alternatively have it setup in Colour and the b/w as optional to the user, but it still has the pre set glam filters and you have your choice of backdrops. This is our “London chic” setting.

Beauty, strength and good looks 🙂


Mirror Booth - Cliff
Cliff comes with a professional attendant (never wearing advertising on our clothing), personalised Start Screen,  and all images/gifs provided on a private gallery after event, plus sms, email or airdrop images straight to phone.

Video of Cliff in action here.


With Prints:
Priced from 3 hours @ $1,295

Digital delivery (eco friendly):
Priced from 3 hours @ $1,095

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